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Fundraising Auction Program
  • Large selection of extremely high quality and unique memorabilia items. Each piece is a limited edition and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Our items will create a lot of excitement and present a very high perceived value.
  • Eagle Classics provides a total package, which includes everything from auction signage, displays, bid sheets and order forms.
  • Eagle Classics has developed several auction formats and is committed to doing everything possible to assure your event is a success.
  • Eagle Classics will provide everything your event will need at no upfront cost and absolutley no risk for your charity.


Eagle Classics offers the best and most effective method of fundraising by providing your event with memorabilia creations that are highly perceived in value and desire. Our pieces will bring much excitement and income to your event due to the fact that we are able to provide a wide spectrum of product and pricing levels. Each piece is a limited edition that has a certificate with an Eagle Classics hologram on it. A registration card to guarantee the authenticity of each Eagle Classics piece is also included.

Eagle Classics is committed to providing your event an auction program that will be financially beneficial to your charity. It is our intention to build long-term relationships with your organization with a program that works and can be trusted year after year.

The central goal in our auction program is for the charity to achieve a minimum of 100% profit per item with no financial obligations. We have been able to put a program together which will guarantee this goal. However, our ultimate goal is for the charity to achieve 300 - 400% profit. We believe that goal is very attainable.

How It Works

1. We send only quality items that have proven to receive the most bids at many events. These items are shipped at our expense.

2. Each item is sent with a bid sheet and description, along with a minimum bid amount and a minimum raise amount. The minimum bid has a built-in profit for the charity. Any bids over minimum bid will go to the charity (100%).

3. If an item does not receive a minimum bid, it will be shipped back to Eagle Classics at our expense.

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